The Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study (NDIAS) provides a unique opportunity for those in the extended Notre Dame community to advance their understanding of questions of import that imbue the world, questions that transcend disciplinary boundaries and that require us to bring our expertise and ideas of the descriptive and normative, what is and what ought to be, to bear through dialogue and research. In addition to individual fellowships, the NDIAS fosters interdisciplinary and integrative thinking with the greater community through its program of seminars, lectures, symposia, and conferences, developed together with other University of Notre Dame departments, programs, institutes, and centers. The NDIAS also cultivates substantive connections and collaborations between fellows pursuing their research projects in residence at the University and both faculty and student researchers of all levels and stages in their professional and academic development. Faculty and students interested in engaging NDIAS Fellows, participating in Institute academic events, or exploring other opportunities for research or engagement should contact Don Stelluto, NDIAS Associate Director; additionally, we encourage students who wish to join our research community to explore the engagement opportunities linked below.