Engaging NDIAS Fellows

Each semester, students are invited to engage with our Institutional Fellows in a myriad of ways, including as participants in workshops and seminars led by our Fellows. These exchanges are designed to engage undergraduate and graduate students with normative ideas that integrate many disciplines and complement or extend their classroom experiences.

Selection of Past Seminars & Workshops

"Roman Egypt, Egypt in Rome: The Appropriation of Ancient Art," with Dr. Vanessa Davies, NDIAS Alumna and Egyptologist

In this seminar, Professor Vanessa Davies examined the Roman influence on Egypt and, in particular, the Roman appropriation, transplantation, and repurposing of ancient Egyptian art and artifacts. Of all the symbols taken to Rome, perhaps none were as significant as the giant obelisks taken down the Nile River to Alexandria and then across the Mediterranean Sea to Rome. Professor Davies and the students explored how the meanings of these great Egyptian symbols changed once in Rome as well as how these Egyptian obelisks, in turn, influenced Roman thought. Click here to read student reactions.

"Theology and Black Politics," with Dr. Vincent Lloyd, NDIAS Alumnus and Political Theologian

Professor Vincent Lloyd engaged students of Africana studies, Theology, and Political Science in a series of discussions about the nexus of theology and politics for black Americans. These sessions addressed key issues of the day and were designed to provide students with background and a framework for inquiry as well as to prepare them for additional participation during the associated two-day symposium featuring scholars such as J. Kameron Carter, Associate Professor of Theology, Duke Divinity School; Angela Dillard, Professor of Afroamerican and African Studies, University of Michigan; and Eddie Glaude, Professor and Chair of the Center for African American Studies, Princeton University. Click here to read one student's reaction.

"International Artist Illuminates Art and Democracy in Russia," with Maxim Kantor, NDIAS Alumnus and Russian Artist and Writer

As part of his lecture series on art and democracy in Russia, Maxim Kantor delivered public lectures to students on "Russian Intelligentsia as a Motor and Victim of Changes in the Country" and "Development of the Meaning of Democracy in Modern Russia." At an event held at the Snite Museum of Art, Kantor discussed and demonstrated his printmaking techniques in addition to donating four of his pieces to the museum collection. Kantor, who has received international acclaim for his paintings, drawings, prints, and sculptures, also spent a day critiquing and mentoring graduate students with their own art projects. Click here to read student reactions.

"The Ethical and Political Implications of the French Moralists' Views on Pessimism," with Dr. Roland Galle, NDIAS Alumnus and French Literary Scholar

Near the end of his fellowship, Professor Roland Galle presented on the French Moralists to a Graduate Student Literature Seminar, addressing the interdisciplinary linkages between literature and philosophy, as well as literature and history. Professor Galle, throughout his discussion, demonstrated to the graduate students the essential nature of normative ideas and how to bridge them with the descriptive world around them. Dr. Galle also engaged the students about their own projects, providing them with connections not yet explored and reaffirming their potential for uncovering new insights in old topics. Click here to read student reactions.