Student Research Assistants

A handful of University of Notre Dame students will be given the exceptional opportunity to support the research of the Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study as Research Assistants. If you are an undergraduate or graduate student at Notre Dame interested in serving as a Staff Research Assistant or an undergraduate student interested in serving as an Undergraduate Research Assistant for a Fellow at the NDIAS, please contact the NDIAS Associate Director, Donald Stelluto, for more information on position expectations. Selection of NDIAS Research Assistants is a highly-competitive process.

  • Staff Research Assistant. Staff Research Assistants are highly-valued members of the NDIAS team, assisting the directors and staff with their ongoing projects, with a particular emphasis on web research, multimedia, marketing, programming, logistics and analytics. They can set a flexible schedule within the work week as they gain valuable research experience and assist the NDIAS achieve its greater Institutional goals.
  • Undergraduate Research Assistant for an NDIAS Fellow. Undergraduate Research Assistants work alongside NDIAS Fellows on questions that span the arts, engineering, humanities, law, and the formal, natural, and social sciences. The NDIAS Undergraduate Research Assistantship program builds on a tradition at the University of Notre Dame of enriching the undergraduate curriculum with significant research experiences. This program seeks the most promising undergraduate students at the University who wish to develop their skills for the study of big ideas across disciplinary boundaries and to utilize their experience at the Institute as a model for their own training and scholarship. Undergraduate Research Assistants work up to 10 hours per week, contributing to a substantive and vibrant interdisciplinary exchange in the human pursuit of truth, beauty, and goodness.