Meghan Sullivan, “Measuring Past Discounting”

Meghan Sullivan

Meghan Sullivan, Director of the Notre Dame Institute of Advanced Study and Professor of Philosophy, presents her research project, “Measuring Past Discounting,” to an interdisciplinary group of NDIAS Fellows, guest faculty, and students.

If you'd like to attend this event, please contact Carolyn Sherman at to confirm space availability.

Sullivan's research tends to focus on philosophical problems concerning time, modality, rational planning, value theory, and religious belief (and sometimes all five at once). She has published work in many of the leading philosophy journals, including NousEthics, and Philosophical Studies. You can read many of those papers here. Her first book, Time Biases: A Theory of Rational Planning and Personal Persistance, came out with Oxford University Press in summer 2018. Time Biases develops a theory of diachronic rationality, personal identity, and rational planning. She is now writing a second research monograph on intellectual commitment, ethical commitment, and rational faith.