Participation in God

This conference on "Participation in God: Reassessing an Ancient Philosophical Idea and its Contemporary Relevance," led by Douglas Hedley on March 18-20, 2014, brought together scholars from numerous disciplines, including the natural sciences, philosophy, theology, and literature, to examine the fundamental questions of participation in the Divine. Building on philosophical premises and drawing on a rich tradition of thought, including ancient and Thomist philosophy and the inheritance of participation following the scientific revolutions, this meeting of scholars will examine key ideas, conceptual definitions, the language of participation, and its logic. Topics discussed include:

  • the historical background of participation in the Divine;
  • ancient philosophical understandings of participation;
  • medieval understandings of participation;
  • participation and literature;
  • participation and the modern scientific worldview;
  • participation, the image of God, and evolutionary theory;
  • participation and its contemporary relevance; and
  • participation and the natural sciences.

This programming was made possible with generous funding from the John Templeton Foundation.

Conference Program

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