Former NDIAS Fellow Publishes Book On Augustine and Virtuous Humility

Keys With Book 16 X 9 Red

Former NDIAS Faculty Fellow Mary M. Keys has published a book based on the research she did while a Fellow at the Institute in 2015-2016. The book, entitled Pride, Politics, and Humility in Augustine's City of God, is published by Cambridge University Press.

Abstract (From the Publisher): This book is the first to interpret and reflect on Augustine's seminal argument concerning humility and pride, especially in politics and philosophy, in The City of God. Mary Keys shows how contemporary readers have much to gain from engaging Augustine's lengthy argument on behalf of virtuous humility. She also demonstrates how a deeper understanding of the classical and Christian philosophical-rhetorical modes of discourse in The City of God enables readers to appreciate and evaluate Augustine's nuanced case for humility in politics, philosophy, and religion. Comprised of a series of interpretive essays and commentaries following Augustine's own order of segments and themes in The City of God, Keys' volume unpacks the author's complex text and elucidates its challenge, meaning, and importance for contemporary readers. It also illuminates a central, yet easily underestimated theme with perennial relevance in a classic work of political thought and religion.

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