Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study announces 2020-2021 undergraduate research fellows

The Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study (NDIAS) has selected 17 University of Notre Dame students for its NDIAS Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program. The 2020-2021 fellowship class will serve as research assistants for NDIAS faculty and PhD. fellows, who are focusing on the theme The Nature of Trust. The undergraduate fellows will also develop their research and communication skills in weekly seminars led by NDIAS staff and work to expand their scholarly and professional networks.

“We are tremendously proud of this cohort of undergraduate fellows and excited to work with them over the next year to develop their curiosity, hone their research methods, and work collaboratively to advance the projects in our Nature of Trust theme,” said Meghan Sullivan, director of the NDIAS and the Rev. John A. O’Brien Collegiate Professor of Philosophy. “Our faculty and PhD fellows are very excited about the opportunity to mentor them and to provide them with some hands-on experience.”

The 2020-2021 NDIAS Undergraduate Research Fellows are

  • Patrick Aimone, junior majoring in political science 
  • Oumayma Al-Shamary, sophomore majoring in neuroscience and behavior and minoring in compassionate care in medicine
  • Evangelia Analitas, junior majoring in political science, pre-health, as well as philosophy, politics, and economics
  • Aderogba Ayoola, junior majoring in economics and minoring in computing and digital technologies
  • Nelson Badillo, sophomore majoring in mechanical engineering with a concentration in robotics.
  • Alyson Chin, sophomore majoring in biology and liberal studies
  • Carolyn Davin, senior majoring in applied and computational mathematics and statistics as well as economics
  • MyKayla Geary, sophomore majoring in economics and minoring in sociology and education, as well as education, schooling, and society
  • Brigid Harrington, junior majoring in political science and film, television, and theatre, with a minor in the Hesburgh Program in Public Service
  • William LaMarra, senior majoring in classics and English
  • Mia Lecinski, junior majoring in economics and philosophy and minoring in design with a concentration in collaborative innovation
  • Margaret McGreevy, junior majoring in English and philosophy
  • Julia McKenna, sophomore majoring in sociology and minoring in data science and linguistics
  • Angela Opoku Dapaah, sophomore majoring in psychology and business economics
  • Mariana Silva, senior majoring environmental engineering and minoring in theology
  • Lillian Witte, junior majoring in anthropology and international development studies
  • Blake Ziegler, sophomore majoring in political science and philosophy, as well as minoring in constitutional studies

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The NDIAS convenes an interdisciplinary group of faculty fellows, top doctoral candidates, and undergraduate scholars to study questions that require a joint focus, benefit from sustained research and discussion, and advance our understanding of core issues that affect our ability to lead valuable, meaningful lives. To learn more, please visit



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