NDIAS Launches Website for Thom Browne Class

The Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study has published a new website to support “Strong Suits,” a Spring 2023 class on Thom Browne. Browne is a 2022-2023 Artist in Residence at the NDIAS. 

The course is led by Meghan Sullivan, NDIAS Director and Wilsey Family College Professor of Philosophy, and Michael Schreffler, Associate Professor of Art History and the Associate Dean for the Fine Arts in the College of Arts and Letters.

Throughout the semester, students will analyze a single case study—Thom Browne—from many different disciplinary lenses. Topics of discussion include how garments go from design to construction; how journalists cover developments in fashion; how design generates its own distinctive philosophical and cultural language; the business model behind growing a major luxury brand; and the symbiosis between athletics, celebrity, and the runway.

In February, students will have the opportunity to travel to New York City for Fashion Week and attend a Thom Browne fashion show. 

The course’s final project will challenge students to produce their own creative work inspired by something they discover—a design, an article on fashion, a business plan, a performance—and turn their curiosity into something that can contribute to the public conversation.

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