The Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study (NDIAS) brings together leading thinkers from around the world to live and work at the University of Notre Dame as Fellows in a residential intellectual community. The Institute supports outstanding, innovative research in all academic disciplines that is directed toward, or extends inquiry to include, ultimate questions and questions of value, especially as they engage the Catholic intellectual tradition. Consistent with, but not limited to, this tradition, the NDIAS encourages its Fellows, regardless of their particular expertise and research,

  1. to think about their work with a view toward the unity of knowledge in a manner that pushes beyond mere interdisciplinarity; and 

  2. to explore the relationship between the descriptive (the world as it is) and the normative (the world as it should be). 

These two goals make the NDIAS distinctive among institutes of advanced study and lend coherence to its enterprise.

The Institute seeks Fellows in the arts, engineering, the humanities, law, and the formal, natural, and social sciences who are interested in sustained dialogue about meaning and method across disciplinary divides. In addition to the benefits of this collaborative discussion for their own research as residential members of the Institute, the Fellows engage and contribute to the research of Notre Dame colleagues and students from multiple disciplines, augmenting the life of the mind on campus. They contribute to learned discourse and discovery at Notre Dame and in the wider academy.

Noble Engages Stelluto And Others

Inspired by the classical values of truth, goodness, and beauty, the NDIAS challenges its Fellows to address fundamental and enduring questions about life, meaning, and purpose in relationship to their particular research projects, to examine how their findings might influence the world in positive and concrete ways, and to think through the ethical implications of their research.

As an Institute within Notre Dame Research, the NDIAS strives to be the first place that comes to mind when scholars and scientists embark on major inter- or multidisciplinary projects that seek to relate specialized academic research to deeper inquiry about meaning and morality. By promoting collaboration across disciplinary boundaries, NDIAS offers its Fellows the opportunity to expand the scope of their inquiries to include consideration of the interconnected dimensions of the many pressing, inescapably ethical concerns of our time.