2021-2022 Faculty Fellows

Scott Barton

  • New York University
  • Assistant Adjunct Professor of Food Studies
  • "Feeding the Gods: Sacred Nagô Culinary Culture in Northeastern Brazil"

Reginald Dwayne Betts

  • Lawyer and Poet
  • Author of "Felon: Poems"

Jennifer Forestal

  • Loyola University Chicago
  • Helen Houlahan Rigali Assistant Professor of Political Science
  • "Mute, Block, Unfollow: Technology, Democracy, and the Politics of Opting Out"

John Golden

  • The University of Texas at Austin School of Law
  • Edward S. Knight Chair in Law, Entrepreneurialism and Innovation
  • "Resilient Legal Systems for Innovation, Risk Regulation, and Democratic Governance"

Jason McLachlan

  • University of Notre Dame
  • Associate Professor of Biological Sciences
  • “Managing Resilient Landscapes”

Mary Frances Phillips

  • Lehman College, City University of New York
  • Associate Professor of Africana Studies
  • "Sister Love: Ericka Huggins, Spiritual Activism, and the Black Panther Party"

John Schwenkler

  • Florida State University
  • Professor of Philosophy
  • "Resilient Self Belief"

Roy Scranton

  • University of Notre Dame
  • Associate Professor of English
  • Environmental Humanities

LaKisha Simmons

  • University of Michigan
  • Associate Professor of History & Women’s and Gender Studies
  • "Labor, Love & Loss: Black Women, their Children and the Ancestors"

Rebecca Stumpf

  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Professor of Anthropology
  • "Increasing Resilience in Western Uganda and Beyond: Identifying, Predicting, and Preventing Pathogen and Anti-Microbial Resistance Transmission"

Apryl Williams

  • University of Michigan
  • Assistant Professor of Communication and Media
  • "Fat Black Body Politic"

2021-2022 Notre Dame Graduate Fellows

Brian Boyd

  • Department of Theology
  • "Full Equality in Exchange: A Renewed Theory of the Just Wage"

Char Brecevic

  • Department of Philosophy
  • "Patient Nonadherence: Imagining a Way Forward"

Claudia Carroll

  • Department of English
  • “Why Characters Feel Real: Representations of Consciousness in the Nineteenth-Century Novel”

Kristin M. Haas

  • Department of Theology
  • "The Ecological Significance of Louis Bouyer’s Historical and Eschatological Theology"

Jake McGinnis

  • Department of English
  • “Disturbance Ecologies: Antebellum American Travel Literature and Contemporary Environmental Nonfiction”

Shana Scogin

  • Department of Political Science
  • “Rebuilding the Foundations: Community Politics of Reconstruction in Post-Earthquake Nepal”

Claire Scott-Bacon

  • Department of Psychology
  • “Autistic Psychopathy: Size and Specificity between Psychopathy, Autism, and Criminal Responsibility”

Khan Asfandyar Shairani

  • Department of History, Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies
  • "Renewing Muslim Knowledge Traditions: The Search for Authenticity in 18th-century Ottoman and Mughal Empires”

Alyssa Willson

  • Department of Biological Sciences
  • “The Ecological Time Machine: Investigating the Past and Present to Improve Ecological Forecasts”

2021-2022 Notre Dame Undergraduate Fellows

Minha Ansari

  • Economics, Pre-Health

Bennett Dye

  • Political Science

Mykayla Geary

  • Economics; Education, Schooling, and Society

Brigid Harrington

  • Political Science; Film, Television, and Theater

David Haungs

  • Chemistry, Political Science

María Camila León

  • Psychology, Latino Studies

Kendra Lyimo

  • Art History

Lyric Medeiros

  • English; Film, Television, and Theatre

Christian Morrison

  • Classics, Economics

Charlotte Probst

  • Biological Sciences, Philosophy

Emma Ryan

  • Political Science, Global Affairs

Lillian Witte

  • Anthropology, Gender Studies

Felicity Wong

  • English, Creative Writing