The Undergraduate Research Assistant (UGRA) Program at the Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study gives undergraduates at the University of Notre Dame the opportunity to work side-by-side with NDIAS residential Fellows on core questions that span the humanities, social and natural sciences, arts, engineering, and law. The program builds on a tradition at the Notre Dame of enriching undergraduate curricula with significant research experiences.

The NDIAS funds up to twenty undergraduate research assistants each year, depending on the needs of its residential Fellows. Students work up to 10 hours per week for fifteen weeks per semester and are paid competitively for their work. The assistance that student researchers provide varies depending on the research projects they are supporting, but typical tasks include:

  • Undergraduate Research AssistantsFall 2018 Undergraduate Research Assistants

    critically analyzing and evaluating research conclusions and methods
  • providing statistical analysis of research data
  • identifying and retrieving research materials
  • conducting initial readings of primary and secondary sources
  • developing bibliographies and literature reviews
  • drafting notes and annotations
  • proofreading, copying, and editing.

Research assistants meet as a group once a week with the Coordinator for Undergraduate Research for unique programming that includes small-group sessions with university researchers and research workshops. Student research assistants are also invited to participate in the academic life of the Institute and attend the weekly NDIAS research seminars for which they have interest.

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For additional information about the Undergraduate Research Assistant Program, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. Additional questions may be directed to Donald Stelluto, Associate Director of the NDIAS, at dstellut@nd.edu.