Apply Now for "Strong Suits: The Art, Philosophy, and Business of Thom Browne"

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Thom Browne, Photo by Alastair Nicol

Applications are now being accepted for "Strong Suits: The Art, Philosophy, and Business of Thom Browne," taught by Meghan Sullivan (Philosophy) and Michael Schreffler (Art, Art History & Design) during Spring 2023. (To apply, use application form below.)

Thom Browne will be a special guest in the course when he visits campus in the spring in conjunction with his residency at the Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study.

This one-credit seminar is for students in the College of Arts and Letters and Mendoza College of Business who are interested in a deep interdisciplinary study of a major luxury brand: Thom Browne.

Over six seminar sessions, students will engage with experts from different aspects of the enterprise. Potential topics include:

  • Craft – The history of suiting, how suits are designed and manufactured, what differentiates mass market, high-end, and haute couture suiting
  • “Reading” haute couture fashion and understanding innovation in haute couture
  • Gender, capitalism, and the office “uniform” – philosophical questions raised by Thom Browne’s suits
  • The business strategy of artist-owned luxury brands
  • Fashion writing and criticism, and the role it plays in shaping popular culture
  • Dressing athletes – the connection between sports, fashion, and American ideals.

Students will be expected to work through a collection of readings and media on Thom Browne design to familiarize themselves with the work and key questions before the seminar. Work will involve preparation for discussions with experts during each of the seminar sessions, culminating in a visit with Thom Browne to the course. Students will also write a short critical, creative, or appreciative piece on some aspect of luxury fashion using a concept learned in the seminar. Attendance at some evening events will be required, corresponding to campus events with Browne.

Applications are due by Monday, October 3, 2022.

Note: In conjunction with his fall visit to campus, Thom Browne will be hosting a football game and photo shoot featuring Notre Dame undergraduates. To learn more about the game and to apply, please visit

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