Masterclass: Jaylexia Clark

Headshot of Jaylexia Clark, NDAIS Graduate Fellow

Join the Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study for a Masterclass given by NDIAS Graduate Fellow Jaylexia Clark (Ph.D. candidate, Sociology), titled "Encoding Inequality: How Structural Racism Shapes Digital Infrastructures within the U.S. Platform Economy."

When companies like Uber and DoorDash gained attention, a dominant narrative began to rise which hailed platform applications as effectively reducing racial bias in the labor market. This narrative largely stemmed from beliefs that algorithmic management was a more neutral way to 1) match workers, 2) assign tasks, and 3) calculate the value of labor performed. In this session, audience members will examine the historic role structural racism has played in shaping the U.S. labor market, engage with new research that suggests that racism is embedded within platform algorithms, and lastly develop a new framework for understanding the impact broader structures of inequality can have on platform technologies.

If you plan to attend, please RSVP here. Refreshments will be provided.