At the Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study, our conferences animate and engage the full intellectual spirit and imagination of our fellows and greater University community, as well as top thinkers from some of the most renowned universities and institutions in the world, cultivating rich discourse and analyses, collaboration, and new ideas critical to both the progression of scholarship and understanding the integral nature of truth. Conferences usually take place over multiple days and include participants from numerous disciplines so those engaged may more fully assess and synthesize the questions and insights shaping the dialogue.

Past conferences in reverse chronological order

Artistic Creativity: An Existential-Phenomenological Study (2016)

The Impact of Laughter and Humor in Our Past and Today’s Digitized World (2016)

Becoming Human: Evolutionary and Ontogenetic Stories about the Emergence of the Human Mind (2016)

Mind, Soul, World: Consciousness in Nature (2016)

Afternoon of Christianity: Church and Theology for a Post-Secular Age (2015)

Philology Among the Disciplines (2015)

Invisible Aspects of Human Evolution (2014)

Participation in God: Reassessing an Ancient Philosophical Idea and its Contemporary Relevance (2014)

Public Intellectualism in Comparative Context: Different Countries, Different Disciplines (2013)

Conceptions of Truth and the Unity of Knowledge (2012)

Dimensions of Goodness (2011)

Facets of Beauty (2010)