Lectures & Symposia

As part of NDIAS programming, we feature lectures and symposia each year that address topics that necessitate critical discussion in contemporary society, focus on recent publications of merit, or incorporate one or more leading public intellectuals. While each lecture and symposium has a clearly defined public component, it is not uncommon for such events to feature two to three days of additional programming, including seminars for the visiting scholars to present their works-in-progress, public conversations, and round table discussions, as well as meals aimed at engaging students, faculty, and the greater community in the ongoing discourse so that many may “drink in together,” as the Greek origins of συμπόσιον symposion may imply, the ideas and analyses presented. These events often draw in leading scholars from around the world who are at the forefront of these evolving discussions and currently addressing the same questions and ideas at the intersection of multiple disciplines in their own research and publications.

Past Lectures & Symposia