Alexis Torrance

Alexis Torrance
  • University of Notre Dame
  • Assistant Professor
  • Affiliation During NDIAS Fellowship: University of Oxford
  • Residential Fellow (2010-2011)
  • “A Critical Assessment of Patristic Precedents for Contemporary Theologies of the Person”

Alexis Torrance recently completed his D.Phil. at the University of Oxford, where he served as Tutor in Byzantine Church History on the Faculty of Theology. He specializes in the concepts of repentance and sanctity in Christian late antiquity, as well as the notions of personhood in both early Christianity and modern systematic theology.

He is the author of “Precedents for Palamas’ Essence-Energies Theology in the Cappadocian Fathers” in Vigiliae Christianae (2009), “Standing in the Breach: the Significance and Function of the Saints in the Letters of Barsanuphius and John of Gaza” in Journal of Early Christian Studies (2009), and “Repentance as the Context of Sainthood in the Ascetical Theology of Mark the Monk” in P. Clarke and T. Claydon (eds.), Studies in Church History (2010).

Professor Torrance is the recipient of a full doctoral award from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (2008-2010), the Hugh Pilkiington Scholarship (2007-2009), and the Bampton Studentship (2007-2008).